Hamilton Ramblers Club has been established for 30 years and is run by an Elected Committee within which are nominated Office Bearers; President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Committee produces a Programme of Walks which is given to all members.


Very strenuous, not suitable for beginners. A walk of this grade would involve quite a bit of climbing and usually includes a Munro. The total walk time could exceed six hours.


Strenuous, usually over hilly and rough terrain. A walk of this grade could involve a climb over 2500 feet.


Not as strenuous as an “A” graded walk but can involve some climbing, usually up to 1000 feet and typically up to 12/13 miles in length with more off track walking.


This grade of walk can involve a more modest climb, on rougher terrain and tracks. The length of the walk is approximately 9-10 miles


Fairly easy walk on undulating ground with no difficult climbing. The length of the walk usually varies from about eight to ten  miles. Can be on rougher ground but good paths and tracks.


Easy, mainly on level ground, usually on paths, tracks or minor roads. The length of the walk is usually seven and a half to nine miles.


 'A' grade walks are not included in our programmes.


These grades are used for guidance only. Conditions on the day of

the walk can influence the level of difficulty. Conditions that can

require the walk to be upgraded include:

  • Rain and snow
  • Very hot weather
  • Heavy ground conditions after sustained rain