Hamilton Ramblers Club Constitution


Designation: The Club shall be called Hamilton Ramblers Club.


Object: To foster a spirit of friendship among members while enjoying country rambling.                                                          

Management: President, Secretary and Treasurer shall hold office for a period of two years.  Up to six other committee members shall be elected annually.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on the third Thursday in November.


  • The officials and Committee shall be elected by a simple majority at the AGM.
  • The Secretary’s report will be submitted.
  • The Treasurer’s report will be submitted
  • Annual subscriptions shall be fixed for the following year.

The Committee shall have full powers to transact all business affairs of the Club.

The Secretary will be responsible for all correspondence to and from the Club.

The Committee shall meet on a pre-arranged number of occasions per year.  Five members will constitute a quorum.

The President shall be Chair of all meetings and in his/her absence any members of the committee may be appointed by the meeting.

Any complaints relevant to the business of the Club must be forwarded, in writing, to the secretary.

The Committee has the authority to discipline any member who for any reason discredits the name of the Club.


Finance: The Financial year shall end on 31st October and a Statement of Accounts, duly audited, approved by the committee.  All funds and accounts shall be lodged in the name of the Club and all cheques on the account must be signed by two of three from the President, Secretary and Treasurer.


General Rules:  General Rules will be included in the annual syllabus.  The Constitution shall be binding on all members of the Club.

20th November 2003


N.B.  The Constitution is currently being reviewed. 


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